We did it again!!!!!



We did it again!

NetCha2015-4.jpgThorildsplans gymnasium CA won Network Challenge for the third time. In this year’s contest, participants were little better. This year succeeded Grillska gymnasiet to take second place. Our two teams came home with gold and bronze medal. Christopher Maxwell TE12D and Nhan Sundstrom TE13D won the gold and Gustav Ung TE12E and Axel Kennedal TE12E won bronze.

After the first race was both of our teams first with a score of 100 points each. Grillska gymnasium best team had 80 points.

In the second round Grillska managed to win over our second team.

Network Challenge is a competition in network technology held by Mälardalen University. Participants come from Cisco Networking Academies connected to Malardalen University ASC. The competition is held once a year.

The competition

The first part consisted of participants would configure routers and switches. The task was to do basic configuration and routing protocols.

In the second part, it was troubleshooting. The teams were given a pre-configured networks with multiple errors.



Reported by: Bo Lindborg, Thorildsplans gymnasium