Networking Challenge


Now it’s time again for Network Challenge contest in networking. This year is the third year for the competition. We had 6 March at Thorildsplans Gymnasium a competition to find out two teams of two contestants in each team.

The competition Network Challenge is at Malardalen University on March 20 . We have won all of the former Network Challenge competitions. And we hope come home with first and second prize this year too. It’s nice that we had many participants in the qualifying competition. It was about 20 that made an attempt of the approximately 180 students who take the networking courses.

Qualifying competition

The students were given the task to configure multiple parts of a network topology that I made in the Cisco Packet Tracer. It also included a step in troubleshooting.



Rank Name Class Result

1 Christoffer Maxwell TE12D 100

2 Gustav Ung TE12E 99

3 Axel Kennedal TE12E 95

4 Nhan Sundström TE13D 94

5 Oskar Laestander TE13D 93

6 Linus Gustafsson EE13B 92

7 Liam Erneborg TE13D 90

7 Philip Andersson TE13D 90

8 Ashraf Hamadi TE12D 89

9 Ludvig Christensen TE13E 88

10 Robin Ö TE12E 85

11 Oliver Ehrenberg TE13E 84

12 Linus Båge TE12D 82

13 Calle Bergqvist TE13D 74

14 Love Belin TE13E 64

15 Ruben Lundblad EE13B 52

16 Mikolaj Spiong EE13B 23