Cisco Networking Academy Summit 2015

I am safely arrived home after a fantastic conference. It was nice topics and mostly it was focused around IOE (Internet Of Everything).

Here is some hotspots from the conference:

– David Bevilacqua was talking about yhe forth industrial revolution. He talked about the change in skills for the new employies.

There was other speakers who was talking about Cisco’s Innovation and Programs in supporting National Agendas and Education System Evolution.

After lunch we had different Seminars. I was attending a seminar about “Running a Student Internet Of Everything Hackaton”. It was Marc Khayat, one of the Technical Managers to lead this seminar.

Later the same afternoon I was at a workshop with the title Enable a Baseline for Connecting the unconnected (IOE).  At this workshop the tools was Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Laptops. We was using the network to reading different sensors.